Gourmet Samoosas

If there is one thing that Pot O’ Curry is well renowned for, is their amazing choice of gourmet samoosa’s. There are a whole lot of yummy choices and unique flavors to choose from.

Cheese & OnionR11
Cheese & HamR11
Malva PuddingR11
Rump SteakR11
Jalapeno & Cream CheeseR11
Sweet Chillie ChickenR11
Cheese & CornR11
Chilli BiltongR11
Choc Chip Malva PuddingR11
Chicken Peri PeriR11
Bacon, Egg & CheeseR11
Cream CheeseR11
Flavour of the DayR11

Call us to order:

Call: 043 289 0949
WhatsApp: +27 (64) 991-6541
Open: Monday to Thursday 10AM to 7PM
Friday and Saturday 10AM to 7:30PM
Sundays and public holidays 10AM to 6PM

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